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These are the manholes that surround the DuSable Museum in Washington Park. I scoured the grounds on foot and on bike. I could only find one labeled “EL.” Now I look for the EL manhole all over town. I can’t find any more.

If someone spots one, would you please let me know?

John Corbett’s book, EXTENDED PLAY, contains, “Brothers From Another Planet: The Space Madness of Lee “Scratch Perry, Sun Ra, and George Clinton,”  a very influential essay which firmly identifies said artists  as the holy trinity of afro-futurism in contemporary culture. There are many other insightful essays and engaging interviews in the book. Looking forward to a long ride on the Red Line this morning  I grabbed Mr. Corbett’s book and settled on revisiting “Anthony Braxton: From Planet to Planet.” An awesome and provocative interview. I so admire the artist who can remain steadfastly wide open, compassionate, and engaged, while still crafting the ways and means of intensely considered and deliberate creative production. This is not as easy as it sounds!

Anthony Braxton. photo by Peter Gannushkin

At the end of the interview Mr. Braxton offers readers his suggested list of tracks. Since this blog focuses on the production and research revolving around Sun Ra, Marching Bands, Creative Music, and insurgent art, this list seemed apt:

1. The Florida State University Marching Band School Theme

2. Sun Ra, “Brainville” (from Sun Song)

3. Sun Ra, “Bygone” (from Mayan Temples)

4. Paul Desmond (w/Brubeck) “You Go to My Head”

5. Frankie Lymon, “The ABC’s of Love”

6. Ornette Coleman, “Peace” (from The Shape of Jazz to Come)

7. Alban Berg, Lulu (conducted by Pierre Boulex)

8. Richard Wagner, Parsifal and The Ring

9. Charlie Parker, “Donna Lee”

10. Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh, “Sax of a Kind”

11. Dinah Washington, “You Go to My Head”

       **12. William Grant Stills,  A Bayou Legend

13. Cecil Taylor, Akisakila

14. Sal Mosca/Warne Marsh Quartet, “Steady As She Goes” (from Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. II)

15. John Coltrane, Central Park West”

~ Extended Play, by John Corbett, pg 217.

** Amazing.

The Solar Flare Arkestral Marching Band Fundraising Campaign has begun!

Check out our promotional video. I hope it inspires you to give us a little kick!

Thank you for all of the support thus far!

And cli k here for a link to the site to see what kinds of goodies await you!

Thank You,

Sending much love from Outer Spae!




“If you find earth boring

Just the same old same thing

C’mon sign up with Outer Spaceways, Incorporated.”

~ Sun Ra


This happened at approximately 11am on Saturday
morning September 11, 2010:

I sincerely hope this video conveys a little bit of the magic generated from the Rich South High School Band, the band’s musical director, Mr. Douglas, and the wonderful arrangement of Space is the Place by Mr. Frederick Tapley. There are many thank yous to send out, and a great deal of work still to come. But I wanted to share this with the people who worked so hard, got SO WET, and made it happen. You had to be there, but it was a beautiful beautiful thing.

Thank you Rich South  H.S.M.B.

You bad!

“Outer space is a pleasant place A place where you can be free There’s no limit to the things you can do Your thought is free and your life is worthwhile Space is the place. ”

~ Sun Ra

Just one caveat: the audio is NOT mixed. At all.

You’re all instruments.

Everyone is supposed to be playing their part.

~Sun Ra  in the film, Space Is The Place

A really nice article-

by Nate Chinen, jazz writer for the NYT, reflects on Sun Ra by investigating practically all of the contemporary (male) artists that I absolutely adore, including one of the Solar Flare Composers, Jeff Parker, and one of the project’s most astute and enthusiastic advisers, Greg Tate. Check it out!

CLICK HERE to read Chinen’s blog post on Sun Ra.
About to ride my bike in a little San Diego sunshine and think about it. Be back soon!

Chicago,  I MISS YOU!!!!

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