Chicago physician and art collector, Dr. Daniel S. Bergen is responsible for  introducing me to two artists that are now essential research guide and sources of inspiration. There have been entries about the artist Joesph Yoakum on this blog before and there are more to come. Last night I watched a doc called “Thornton Dial Has Something to Say.” The doc itself was irritating in its failure to ever let the camera rest before a full Thornton Dial work, the blinding halo of martyrdom that constantly hovers of filmmaker Celia Carey’s rendering of   Atlanta art collector Bill Arnett, and the scapegoating attacks against black intellectuals. However Mr Dial’s brilliance and importance in the history and contemporary landscape of art shined regardless. One thing he said will remain with me forever:

You can work for someone else’s freedom.

You can leave something for someone else’s child.

This is Life.

~Thornton Dial