Much has  happened the past few months. Velvet Room Closed. Margaret Burroughs passed on. I don’t have words for that stuff.

But soon this blog will re-activate.

I’m coming back to Chicago.

ETA July 1!

I cannot wait.  This time I’m staying a while.

In the meantime I was listening to Lester Bowie. And I got infected. This song, makes me think of the way Sun Ra. as a master of all African-American and experimental  musical forms, could inhabit the past, present, and future of music all at once.

Maestro Bowie and his ensemble do the same with this super-sublime  rendition of The Pretender.  Oh, how I love this track.

Sorry about the terrible youtube video. It’s the most legal way I can share the sixteen minutes of gorgeousness that will wash over you once you press play.