Two students here at UCSD in visarts,  Artie and James,  introduced me to Dr. Ron Eglash last night, and now my little mind is  blown. Completely. There is too much to say about the things this man has learned about mathematics, and the origins of binary code (origins being Africa!) So I offer you this 18 minute lecture that Dr. Eglash did for Ted Talks. I took me a long time to find this guy, but now that I have, a lot of ideas are very uch falling into place. I look forward to discussing it more.

And here is his book publish by Rutgers Univeristy Press in 1999.

Rutgers University Press, 1999.

I am anticipating some aesthetic mash-ups between the cosmological philosophies of Sun Ra, and fractals in my film. But for now I simply log the genius that is Dr. Eglash’s vein of research. Very much looking forward to a deeper analysis of these ideas.