So I meant to post this immediately, but the end of my stay in Chicago was a wonderful whirlwind. Then I landed back in California to more whirlwinds.

Basically one of my camera crew, Ivan Lozano,  is facebook friends with one of my sound crew, Benjamin Pearson. Benji got home from the flashmob, dried off, and posted his experience on facebook. Ivan sent it to me because he thought I would appreciate it. And I very very much did.  Flashmobs  are remarkably good at  amplifying anticipation, awareness, and the desire for celebration.  When I was young it was The Rave. Now it’s the flashmob. The acceleration of these types of conflagrations events is astounding. What will be next? Anyway, the chatter that Benji incited with his post warmed the cockles, which were quite cold after getting soaking wet that day. So, I post it late, but with no less enthusiasm and gratitude. Thanks, Benji, for blowin up our project. More to come!