I have neglected the blog! A combination of transiency, spotty internet access, and  no time have kept me away. Apologies to loyal visitors!

There is much for me to share. I’m going to be firing off many many posts  this evening – and one VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

So please do keep checking back. In the meantime, check out the last object I made before leaving the threewalls studio.

Back in June, I made an exploratory trip to Chicago just to check out the scene before the residency officially began and to try amd make some contacts/alliances/sense of things.

One of the first indicators I got that this project might be viable was making contact with the great Edward Wilkerson – an AACM musician, composer, and all around pillar of the jazz community in Chicago. Mr. Wilkerson shared with me a story that has stayed with me and built itself into an object in my mind. He told me that though he never worked with Sun Ra, he was hired to make a recording for Alton Abraham, Sun Ra’s business partner and manager. He described showing up at the YMCA and wacthing Abraham tape a bunch of cardboard boxes together, stand them up in a circle, place a microphone in the middle, and then recording the musicians he’d hired to play inside of the giant cardboard ring around this microphone. (Wilkerson tells the story better – I hope to get his version on disc soon enough.)

The cardboard structure immediately suggested a sculpture to me. I am not a sculptor (as the images and video below surely reveal), but I was completed to make this object that Abrahams had created as a makeshift recording studio.

Once the things was done, Shannon Stratton and I stared at it. We watched Humo the Cat sniff around it, and then I decided that I wanted musicians to record inside of it. That will definitely happen on my next visit to Chicago. But we had to take the thing down so that the next threewalls artist, Kelly Kaczynski , could install her show.

Here are some images. Shannon was very amused by my wrestling with 50 lbs of cardboard and made a very embarrassing video of me being clobbered. Thankfully that video has not surfaced. Below is the dignified version of events.



Future recording studio... Alton II- Wilkerson Transmission