My studio is located in the Sullivan Galleries along with about 15 graduate students who are taking a class that seeks to investigate the idea of a studio in both theory and practice.  My studio has 2 walls and is wide open to view. I stole a garment rack from the fashion department that had black paper hanging from it. I use that as a third wall to get a little privacy. I can hear the class meetings engage with ideas about the studio while I work in my studio. Studio Chicago Blog asked me and Adia Millet, as threewalls residents, if we would blog our thoughts on, “what is the space of the artist – what is a studio?”  My post just appeared. Click above to check it out.

There will be a show at the Sullivan Galleries in which all the grad students are turning their spaces into little Brancusi studios, I guess – building out installations that imply their presence, their process and their product. Mary Jane Jacobs has very kindly invited me to be in the show as well. I’ve been asked to draw a “map” of all of the community intersections, influences and references that are a part of this project. I will also print some images and display documentation of the Ping Pong Table Interventions #1-3 that I imposed upon the Bad-At-Sports “art project” that, I guess, is called “ping pong table.” Hopefully it will entertain those who have a sense of humor and not annoy, too much, those that don’t.  I will post the dates and all that as soon as it is available. Hope to see you there!