threewalls Gallery is one of the few urban residencies that I am aware of. I do hope readers will direct my attention to other (hopefully in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Miami….) residencies that drop an artist in the center of a city, supply them with ample support, and then ask only that they engage with their environment (rather than retreat from it!). The wonderful thing about doing a residency in a metropolis is that I find myself simultaneously a part of things and apart from things. “Retreating” does not take the form of a discrete and tastefully appointed cabin in the woods, but rather a self-effacing admission that though I’m marching about trying to cajole strangers into participating in my east of a project, I am totally dependent on the generosity and insights of my hosts, newly acquired allies, and on-site collaborators for sustenance and survival (rather than the kitchen dedicated staff,  wiley facilities managers, or diplomatic retreat directors).  But I don’t want this idea to diminished the influence and support offered by threewalls director, Shannon Stratton, whose scrappy attitude, down home hospitality, and sophisticated conceptual concerns make her a remarkable partner in crime and art while Adia Millett and I are here in Chicago as threewalls resident artists. Chicagoans have welcomed me at every turn and opportunity. It’s thrilling and incredibly humbling to experience this city in this way. I am astounded that a city that so guilelessly holds its arms open for strangers also contains so many mysteries… Here’s to residing between all the parts of this place.